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"How Would You Like To Have 75% Of Your Debts Written Off Practically Overnight?"

It really is possible to walk away from up to 75% of your existing debts by utilising specific regulations involved in applying for an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

IVA's were first introduced in 1986 as a very worthwhile alternative to bankruptcy, though IVA debt help and UK IVA advice has only really become mainstream and more popular over the last two to three years.

In fact in 2006 alone, there were more than 15,000 UK IVA applications that were successfully negotiated by professional IVA advisers and IVA companies based throughout the country.

Bear in mind, that those figures are just IVA's and don't take into account bankruptcies, so you're not alone when it comes to having debts that have grown faster than you may have realised.

How Do IVA's Work?

Obviously, there are specific criteria that must be met, but in a nutshell, you ( the debtor) are able to work with professional IVA advisors (The IVA Centre) to structure a proposal to your banks or credit card companies (the creditors) with the intention of reaching a settlement value that is affordable to you and shows willingness to pay what the creditors feel is an acceptable portion of your outstanding debt.

A typical IVA, (if there is such a thing), would be to offer to pay an affordable amount into an account every month for a period of five years. After this time, all payments can stop and the full amount of your debt is then cleared.

Providing the majority of these creditors decide to agree with your proposal and approve the affordable settlement amount, this forms a legally binding agreement or contract that prevents any of the creditors, (regardless of whether they were for or against the decision) from pursuing you any further.

Why Would Any Creditor Want To
Accept Less Than You Owe Them?

A very good question!

In a situation like this, it's a very real possibility that your banks or credit card companies, (the creditors), could realistically lose every penny that you owe them, (depending on your financial predicament), should they insist on the full amount being repaid.

As a result they cautiously assess your situation and work out how probable it is that they may end up with nothing if they don't consider your proposal carefully. (In other words you may be forced to go bankrupt).

Very often the creditors can end up recovering as little as 25% of your outstanding debts, forcing your monthly payments down as low as £250 per month.

Is It Possible That You Would Only
Have To Pay £250 Per Month?

It's a definite possibility dependent upon the amount of debt you have at the moment and how much surplus income you have at the end of the month, but I would say a more typical monthly payment would be between £300 and £400.

Although this isn't a particularly small amount of money to find every month, it is considerably less than the amount you have to find every month right now to keep the creditors off your back, isn't it?

And remember, this payment is only necessary for sixty short months and not for what seems like an eternity with the mounting interest on your credit cards, plus late payment or arrears charges.

How Do You Apply For An IVA?

The actual IVA application process will ordinarily take between four and six weeks from today, providing you get the process underway immediately.

So by next month, you could have your situation in order and start counting down on your monthly payments to being free of all your debts in less than sixty months.

No more debt consolidation loans, no more credit card transfer fees or even late payment fees on your current outstanding debts. Wouldn't that be pure bliss?

The majority of the work involved is done for you and best of all, all fees for any work carried out are also taken out of the same pot that your creditors are paid from, so it effectively doesn't cost you a penny.

What Do You Need To Do Next?

To get the process up and running and clear your debts once and for all, simply email paul@]

Alternatively, enter your name, telephone number and a time to call in the empty boxes at the top right of this page, (below where it says Request Callback) and we'll call you to let you know the steps involved and how much you might expect to reduce your monthly payments by.

Remember, once your IVA has been approved, the creditors are forced to stop all interest payments on your debts and are unable to pursue you for the debts excluded from your IVA.

So, get all the information you're going to need right now by contacting us via the form above.

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“Over a period of five years I built up debts of over £47,000 without my wife knowing that I owed a single penny. - I didn't know where to turn!

A friend gave me the IVA Centre's phone number and I have to say Nigel dealt with my situation sensitively and in total confidence.

As a result I was able to walk away from 65% of my debts and now have a low monthly payment. Nigel even persuaded me to come clean with my wife and the release was incredible!"

John W., Chester - Age 54

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"I was down and depressed with my mounting debts, when I found the IVA Centre web site and spoke with Nigel who explained my options.

After only a few short weeks I had my finances back on track and have even managed to find a small surplus income that I've never had before."

Maria C., Lancaster - Age 26

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“I have just been through a bad divorce which has left me with credit card, store card and loan payments that I was unable to afford with only one wage coming in each month.

Thanks to the IVA Centre I was able to cut my debts in half and now have monthly expenditure that I can cope with reasonably comfortably which is a long way from where I was last year. - Thanks again for all your help!"

Dave H., Leicester - Age 32

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